Uses of a Hand Drill

hand drill

A hand drill is a tool, which can be attached with a driving bit or a cutting bit to help in fastening bolts and screws to make them secure or in drilling into various materials. A hand drill can help in tightening fasteners when used together with a drill bit. When fitted with a stirring attachment, it can be used in mixing paint and joint as well as other liquids like ceramic glazing materials.

Types of Hand Drills exist in two types. The first one is manual hand drills and the second is power hand drills (battery-operated or corded). Manual Hand Drills As the name suggests, the hand drills are operated manually. They convert and amplify the crank’s circular motion into a drill chuck’s circular motion. Manual hand drills have a quicker set-up time compared to electric drills, and are suitable for drilling a small number of holes. They are used for drilling into plastics, soft metal and wood, and also for screw driving. They accommodate drills bits of up to 6mm diameter.

Battery-Operated Hand Drills

Some power hand drills have rechargeable batteries. Battery-operated hand drills are widely used today. These hand drills are used for securing two objects together or drilling holes. They can also help in drilling steel, concrete as well as other construction materials, but it depends on the bit used Battery-operated hand drills are cheaper than the electric ones. They also less labor intensive compared to the manual hand drills. Furthermore, they are of light weight, efficient and saves on labor time.

Drills Electric hand drills became popular in the 1980s, when systems for their speed control were developed. Since their invention, various versions have been made, including hammer drills, close-quarter drills and rotary drills. Electric hand drills are corded, and are often used by hobbyists, homeowners, and professionals in the painting, construction, furniture, manufacturing and remodeling industries.

Electric hand drills can be used alongside drill presses. In general, electric hand drills are more effective than manual and battery-operated hand drills, and they can be used in a wider range of works. The following are important points to note. It is important to buy a hand drill that is best suited for the job size. All tools should be kept clean and secure after use Battery-operated hand drills must be stored according to recommendations from the manufacturer. Safety instructions from the manufacturer should be followed while using a hand drill.

Always remember to wear personal protective equipment, including eye protection gear. Hand drill bits can cause blockage, which can make the drill to stop rotating suddenly and pose danger to the user’s wrists or hands.

What Kinds of Things Can a Drill Press Do


Drill Press is a fixed type of woodwork machine that is usually mounted on a fixed stand or bolted to the workbench or the floor. It comprises five main parts namely: Base, Column, Spindle, Table and Drill Head. It is also called a Pedestal Drill, Bench Drill or Pillar Drill. It is used for a variety of tasks that are explained hereunder:

Uses of a Drill Press

What Kinds of Things Can a Drill Press Do

What Kinds of Things Can a Drill Press Do

Drilling Materials of all Kinds

This is by far the most fundamental and common use of the equipment. Drilling is basically making a hole through a piece of material such as wood or metal. The holes so made are usually used later for the purposes of inserting nuts, screws and bolts in order to make joints between that material and other pieces of materials. Its main strength insofar as drilling is concerned is the fact that it can make holes through all materials.

Deburring Materials

To deburr means to neaten or to smoothen the rough, chipped and splintered edges of a material usually at the culmination of a drilling exercise. It is a form of finishing which is largely designed to make the finished product safe when in contact with users as well as to add into aesthetics and general beauty of that particular product.

Drill Speeding

It is the act of determining the speed at which a user intends the drill to operate automatically. This ensures a smooth speed and rate of carrying out the task of drilling which in turn translates into uniform work. This uniformity is by far critical especially under circumstances when mass production of certain products is necessary.

Depth Stopping 

It is the drilling of holes in materials up to certain predefined desired depths. In some unique circumstances, it may not be necessary to drill complete holes that pierce through materials to either ends thereof; and it is for that reason that Drill Presses are quite handy. This is possible because its do have Depth Stop features will allow users to set the depths so desired. It is also possible to replicate multiple holes if need be.


It is the act of smoothing or polishing a wooden surface in order to make it ready for the application of paints and to finish it in such a way as to make it comfortable for the users. Its do have a chuck into which special attachments such as Sanding equipment can be inserted and used for that purpose. The main advantage of sanding using a Drill Press is that the job so done is usually very thorough and comprehensive as opposed to the manual process.


It is the practice of drilling holes into the interiors of the holes. It is made possible using a tap size of appropriate size to cut threads into the interiors of a hole in order to make the hole ready for the insertion of screws, bolts and nuts. A tapped hole especially by use of a Drill Press is very useful since it enables a firm grip of the adjoining materials. This leads to very effective and firm joints.

Angular Drilling 

This refers to the practice of boring holes at an angle to the horizontal axis. It is possible mainly because the Drill Presses do come along with tables that are adjustable at various angles. The angular holes are achievable by clamping the material being drilled onto the table and then tilting it to the desired angle after which a hole is drilled into the material. In so doing, an angular hole is achieved.


This refers to the practice of widening holes on metallic structures. This process is crucial since it makes those holes to attain the size and precision required. It is carried out primarily by inserting the drill into the smaller hole and then squeezing through to scrap off some metals and in the process leave behind a wider hole.

Cutting Materials

The Drill Press does not in and of itself cut materials. Nevertheless, it does facilitate the procedure of cutting materials of various kinds owing to the fact that it is capable of accepting accessories that aid in the cutting of materials into desired shapes and sizes. For instance, through the use of mortising chisels, users of the Drill Press Reviews are able to cut square holes or mortises; through the use of plug-cutter bit, users are able to cut holes of large diameters using small wooden plugs or hole saws — just to mention but a few!

Used Drill Press For Sale


Used Drill Press Use of a drill press allows you to shift emphasis during your work from labor to design and management. Once freed from the attention and labor needed to complete a task manually, you are now able to focus your energy on conceptualizing and executing your project. The benefits of this approach are quickly rendered clear: the most tiresome and repetitive tasks are transformed, while your time, as well energy, can now be concentrated on the task of supervising the building process (the very thing that draws hobbyists to your craft in the first place). One method of gauging the tool’s value is that most people who have ever used one can hardly imagine completing their projects without it, just as someone who drives a car to work might find it difficult to return to using public transportation.

Employing a drill press enhances all aspects of construction from start to finish: accuracy, speed, agility, and power are all visibly and markedly improved. One of the tool’s clear advantages is that it can be set up to drill holes of identical dimensions: in width, in depth, as well as in angles, something that only a machine can achieve with universal consistency. This all ensures that there is uniformity when holes are applied to a structure repeatedly. In addition, the drill press operates almost instantaneously, which releases you from the rigid time constraints of hand drills. Naturally, this allows your work volume to multiply, quickly and effortlessly, as a result.

The machine also allows for a quicker completion of tasks, even as the complexity of tasks grows. The drill press is programmable, allowing for much greater agility and adaptability to be present than when using a hand drill. Whereas learning a new operation manually requires technical practice and, as a result, extensive time, all that is needed to complete the same task with a drill press is to learn the machine’s setup. Finally, the power of a drill press allows you to greatly reduce the physical, and often arduous, input of energy that is needed to complete your work. This means that those with less physical strength are no longer disadvantaged during their projects, and that everyone who operates the machine can now do so with little physical effort, and with much greater productivity.

Whether you are looking to upgrade from a hand drill to a drill press, or seeking to replace one that is already in your possession, this drill press will be invaluable in increasing the efficiency of your work, and in helping you turn woodworking from what may appear like a chore into a true and relaxing hobby. Lastly, drill presses are durable tools and used, second-hand ones that are in good condition will operate in a similar manner as brand new ones. As such, purchasing a used drill press in good condition allows for significant cost savings with virtually no decline in quality.


Learning More About Its Uses And Its AdvantagesWHAT IS A DRILL PRESS USED FOR

You may be looking for a versatile tool that can drill recesses, hog out mortises, cut sets of wood plugs and counter-sink holes. Look no more because press drills will help you to perform all these tasks. This tool can be used for many other different works but one fact remains obvious. It is majorly used in drilling holes. With that in mind, these holes can be drilled into any material like: woods, glasses, bricks, tiles or even metals.

Press drills are powered by an electrical motor which is connected at the back of the machine’s head assembly. Power is transferred directly from this electrical motor to the spindle of the press drill through the groove belts or a gear box. To drill a hole on the required material, clamp the material into position and set the spindle of the drill press at your desired angle. Pull the machine’s handle forward so as to make the spindle move downwards towards the material. This should be done repeatedly in a slow but steady manner. With this, the machine will drill holes accurately at the required depth, angle and width.Using the machine, you can as well make any patterns or symbols on the material.

Some of the immense advantages of this tool include: It is easy to use and operate since you will be offered with a how-to-use manual. It is also cheap and affordable and will therefore suit the budget of your pockets. Nonetheless, if the machine is well operated, an accurate and quality work will be performed. In addition to all that, the speed of the machine will enable you to save plenty of your time. Finally, the machine uses less power hence enabling you to save a lot of money. With all these advantages, you will never regret parting with your money to purchase the tool.


if you are a mechanic, a tool master or a wood worker and you do not have this tool, you ought to include it in your must-buy shopping list. Using all the above evidence, it is clear that the potential uses that are offered by this versatile tool have no end. This therefore goes without saying that you ought to buy a press drill with outstanding performance, specifications, features and functionality. Make sure you purchase one that is worth the value of money you have. What are you still waiting for? Go for the Press Drills!!


How to choose best drill press

Talking of finding an ideal drilling press machine; basically preferences vary among professional users. Some drillers are more specific as to what they do while others are more generalized for a wider range of use. With this is as a potential customer all you need is getting the right machine for the work you just intended it to do. Due to the level of diversification involved, getting the best drilling machine will depend on the following factors:

1. The Price: This is number one constraint in finding what is ideal for you. Usually there is a trade-off between price and quality. High quality drilling machines tend to cost much more dollars than expected. A driller like the WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press currently costing $79 is always ideal for a diversified range of work.

2. The Key desired features: While most people wish that buying a driller was as easy as shopping at the mall, the reality is that it is in your best interest to know what exactly you want. An ideal dill press machine among other components should be multi-system in its working. An adjustable table is a very key component for any drilling machine, this will allow working at different heights at the convenience of the craft man.
The drilling power should never go unchecked. This will determine the kind of work the driller can do and possibly the drilling depths’ specifications. Usually the drilling power is determined by the electric motor’s power and the drilling steel base’ gauge. For a good driller it should be able to work comfortably on hard stuff without failure. Talking of effective drilling power the Fox W1668 3/4-HP Bench-Top Drill Press is ideal. It is much heavier and bigger than the Wen 5 Speed drill press but with a firm base making it good with the finest iron workings required.
The degree of the rotating tabular plate: At the mid joint where the table rotates it should do so at 360o and tilts at 45o on both left and right. This will allow even drilling where straight holes are required while the 45o tilt gives room for slight curves on items like wood and raw timber.

The drill speed: everybody want something that is fast and efficient in its work. A driller that takes longer time to get through a small piece board is not effective. The drill press should be able to rotate fast and drive into woods or metals faster too.

3. Adjustable drilling knobs: Particularly for carpentry drillers, the drilling knob should be adjustable to give room for drilling a diverse number of holes as per desired. It should give room for fixing removable drilling teeth to suit any job at hand. Most customers prefer a driller that can supports up to a maximum of 12 sets.

4. Impression of current technology: Currently some drill press are already going laser. Integrating the beam technology. Such drilling press are designed to eliminate guesswork and improve precision. The laser beams help in determining the X and Y coordinates leading to exact drilling positions. This design combine’s high torque with improved performance A drilling machine such as the 10″ bench drill press with laser employs this modern technique.

5. The Build quality: The first aspect here is sound, if a drill press produces too much of unnecessary sound it becomes un-ideal. This will not only affect the craft man but can have a diver stating effect on the surrounding environment.
Level of vibration: A good driller should be firm and stable. Too much vibration is a clear indication of loose fixations or poor construction as a whole. Excess vibration hinders precision and tempers with the kind of holes produced.

6. Technical support: The user manual at times is never enough to a first time user. When buying any drill press for the first time ensure that the involved company offers you a working demonstration on how to go about it How to assemble the various parts, guidelines on oiling and possibly a working demo will do best.


What then is the best drill press? For drilling holes the Delta drilling press is the top most It transcends all the above features making it the most ideal for any generalized work. It is a light weight machine with a moderate price while integrating most of the desired features. Its flexibility to make all kinds of holes at all angels on any type of workshop material makes it the most effective.